Pan American Silver announces results of annual shareholders meeting

VANCOUVERMay 9, 2014 /CNW/ - Pan American Silver Corp. (NASDAQ: PAAS; TSX: PAA) (the "Company") is pleased to announce the voting results from its annual general and special meeting of shareholders held on Thursday, May 8, 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A total of 108,972,285 shares were represented at the meeting, being 71.93% of the Company's issued and outstanding common shares.  Shareholders voted in favour of all matters brought before the meeting, including the appointment of auditors for the ensuing year and the authorization of the directors to fix the remuneration payable to the auditors, the acceptance of the Company's approach to executive compensation, otherwise known as say-on-pay, and the election of management's nominees as directors.

Director Voting

Detailed results of the vote for the election of directors are provided below:

Director Nominee Votes For Votes Withheld
Ross J. Beaty 70,777,988 (93.61%) 4,829,430 (6.39%)
Geoffrey A. Burns 72,035,422 (95.28%) 3,571,996 (4.72%)
Michael Carroll 75,153,419 (99.40%) 453,999 (0.60%)
Christopher Noel Dunn 71,837,433 (95.01%) 3,769,985 (4.99%)
Neil de Gelder 71,825,786 (95.00%) 3,781,632 (5.00%)
Robert Pirooz 70,877,726 (93.74%) 4,729,692 (6.26%)
Davd C. Press 75,139,799 (99.38%) 467,619 (0.62%)
Walter Segsworth 75,159,366 (99.41%) 448,052 (0.59%)


Say-on-Pay Voting

Detailed results of the vote for the advisory resolution on the Company's approach to executive compensation are provided below:

Resolution Votes For Votes Against
Advisory resolution approving the
Company's approach to executive
72,368,424 (95.72%) 3,238,681 (4.28%)


About Pan American Silver

Pan American Silver's mission is to be the world's pre-eminent silver producer, with a reputation for excellence in discovery, engineering, innovation and sustainable development.  The Company has seven operating mines in MexicoPeruArgentina and Bolivia.  Pan American also owns several development projects in the USAMexicoPeru and Argentina.


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